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Calling all Seneca ISA Grads

Posted by selmys on August 29, 2008

The ISA (Internet Systems Administration) post-graduate program at Seneca College in Toronto begin in January 2000. The focus of the program was and is Linux system administration. To date over 100 students graduated from the program and have gone on to work as professional sysadmins.

This fall we’ve revamped the program beginning with a name change. It’s now known as LUX (Linux/Unix System Administration). Thanks to the efforts of Chris Tyler, Seneca’s resident Linux guru, the program is now partially sponsored by Red Hat. Chris has also redesigned the methodology used to deliver content to the students. You can read about his efforts on page 235 of his talk at this year’s Ottawa Linux Symposium.

This semester we’re going to be working within the Fedora community. Our students will work on projects specified by the community using Fedora tools. This means we’ll be doing a lot of chatting on IRC (freenode#seneca), updating our course wiki and blogging about our successes and failures.

So I’m asking all ISA grads to join us this fall. You can start by creating an account on our wiki and following our progress – and pushing us back on track whenever you see us go off the rails. Our class will have many questions and your support will be appreciated.


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